As a young kid and even now, watching college sports always makes people excited. Whether it be a game between rivals such as Ohio State vs. Michigan or watching the UConn Women’s basketball team win it again, anyone can be taken from their seats. Being a college athlete is the ultimate dream for many high school athletes. This year we’re proud to see 13 athletes from the Class of 2013 taking a step to become a collegiate athlete at their respective colleges and universities by playing in their various sport and club teams. Please congratulate these amazing ladies!


Emma Stewart Bates, Kenyon College: Swimming

Annie Brockett, Davidson College: Lacrosse

Emily Gaudiani, Harvard University: Crew

Colleen Lavelle, Villanova University: Track

Nia Marshall, Cornell University: Basketball

Gianna Mitchell, Villanova University: Tennis

Stephanie Poland, Colgate University: Basketball

Lainie Radigan, Elon University: Lacrosse

Mckenzie Retino, Elon University: Field Hockey

Lysette Roman, Colgate University: Soccer

Vanessa Smith, Princeton University: Basketball

Elizabeth Warner, Harvard University,:Field Hockey

Ashley Yarbourgh, Coastal Carolina University : Golf



As we congratulate our seniors, here is a quick preview for our junior athletes who also wish to play in college. These include Beth Brzozowski (Basketball), Ariana Iranpour (Tennis), Alison Nordell (Rowing), Logan Paul  (Softball)and others. Asking these rising seniors about what gave them the passion to want to play in college, Logan says, “I have always dreamed about playing college sports. To me, college athletes are the coolest people on campus.“ I also asked about how they felt about the recruitment process and Logan said that she is “very stressed when thinking about the process. It is a lot of work, but I know it will be worth it in the end and I am looking forward to knowing the outcome.” We wish these ladies good luck in. the recruitment process and congrats to our seniors once again!

Sue Roy and Paige Papesch

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