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Isabelle Arnson
How was my winter break, you ask? Like any other two weeks, really. When I wasn’t sitting in Costco watching families buy large tubs of margarine, I was working arduously in the lab to create the next generation of dance moves. (You’ll know when you see them.) Mornings were typically spent listening to paintings and watching music, but by noon, I was off to attend The Illuminati training workshops. These workshops were held by Lebron James, Kanye West, and, if we were really lucky and she was marginally coherent, Lindsay Lohan. I often sat next to Blue Ivy Carter, which was cool because she called her diapers “white-winged doves.” By 16:00, I had travelled back in time to sink Noah’s Ark, ensure that the word “supple” would be removed from linguistic circulation, and to install Drive-Thru sewing machines. So, yeah. Nothing crazy to report back here. I’m only human.

Zoe Harvan
I spent my winter break on a cruise in the Bahamas sipping strawberry daiquiris (virgin, of course). And by on a cruise in the Bahamas sipping strawberry daiquiris, I mean on my bed watching Netflix. From Gossip Girl to West Wing, United States of Tara to Bob’s Burgers, I laughed, I cried, and I lost my dignity bit by bit as I caught that occasional glimpse of my double-chinned reflection in the laptop screen. I know people typically think breaks are for “spending time with family” or “hanging out with friends,” but I’ve always been known for breaking societal norms, and I like to think that all my Netflix-watching those two weeks was a kind of trailblazing. I can only hope that one day every teen will have the freedom to watch endless episodes of television in the dark caves of her bedroom without the judgement of society, without their friends’ harsh cries of “Why don’t you ever hang out with us anymore?”, and without their parents making passive aggressive comments about the last time they showered. When that day comes, I will remember with pride the strides I myself made during the winter break of 2012/2013.

Tatini Mal-Sarkar and Grace Yi
New Year’s Resolution/Bucket List 2013

1. Eat with utensils (fingers are not sanitary).
2. Sing less Taylor Swift in public.
3. Lose 20 lbs (mainstay since 2008)
4. Do French homework before the period before class (desolee, madame)
5. Stalk Kate Koch less often.
6. Make an effort.
7. Get a hug from Kevin Purpura.
8. Get Mr. Adler’s home email address.
9. Watch less Once Upon A Time and more Downton Abbey.
10. Don’t get killed.

Megan Calla – er, the Community Garden
As many of you may know I reside on the grounds of Hathaway Brown School for Girls. Being permanently planted on the grounds of Hath (literally and figuratively) definitely has its pros and cons. The major pro is all the adoring attention I got during kale season. Nowadays, however, the cons have taken over. As it got colder and my bird friends left me, I realized my human friends disappeared as well. For a few weeks, I stopped seeing any human life walking around Hath and parking your robots by me. Where’d you all go anyway? No one felt any need to fill me in although I did notice that some of you came back a little tanner– vacation maybe? I spent most of my lonesome hours pondering my own existence. That’s when I remembered I had been placed in my little location behind the tennis courts by materials purchased from the local Home Depot. After I had my existence understood I decided that I really ought to educate myself. So I spent my past few weeks reading some of the classics Thoreau, Hemingway, etc. etc.. I also spent some of my time catching up on Gossip Girl (Dan… really). As you read, this you may be thinking how does a garden (ugh hate that word) have the time and resources to read and watch TV… my answer I keep my flatscreen and personal library hidden under the dormant herb plants. You all may think that I had quite the fulfilling “winter break”, however, I longed for some human attention (and not from those twerpy kids who through snowballs at me). Ok, I’ve officially rambled (never thought you’d hear a garden say that did ya?) and I suppose its time for me to depart so farewell my friends until next time.

Gurbani Kaur
Over winter break, I organized my closet by season and color so my t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, short sleeve polos, and button down long sleeve shirts are all in rainbow stacks: ROYGBIV order. I’m too embarrassed to attach a picture, so you’ll have to take my word on this. This was the most important thing I did over break excluding my trip to Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy of The Book Thief.

Amanda Keresztesy
How was my winter break? I can start with the most common responses to this question. Too short. Not long enough. Stop reminding me that I could be asleep right now. However, the holidays are a special time of year, that at the Keresztesy household, usually mean double the chaos. Some highlights were Christmas Eve, when my cousins bought my grandmother one of those cardboard life-size cutouts. We covered it up with a Batman bed sheet that was just hanging around and told her that we brought one of her “boyfriends” in as a Christmas gift. Of course my grandmother was embarrassed, and has a frighteningly dirty mind because she thought it was a half-naked man or something. I was just as surprised as her to see Obama in my Aunt Lucy’s living room, standing behind a podium. My grandmother was very excited, and I think Barack will soon find himself a new piece of décor in her house.
New Years Eve the family spent staying in this year, ordering appetizers and eating nothing that could be remotely considered healthy. Though we always tune into the Rockin New Year’s Eve special on TV, one can only handle so much live Taylor Swift. We recently discovered how to watch YouTube through our Wii, and a big moment over the break was when I introduced my family to SecretAgentBob, the YouTube channel that has brought us “Llamas With Hats” and one of my personal favorites, “A Depressed Whale”. “Charlie the Unicorn 4” is also one of his most recent additions, and I think I watched it at least ten times, but mostly for the big musical number that it includes, which if you haven’t seen it already and are in the mood to push back doing your APUSH notes another night, I strongly recommend.
I know a lot of people take the New Year as a time to make some resolutions for themselves. My mother likes to take this time to make resolutions for all of us. Sometimes they are individual; for example, last year my mom’s resolution for me was to get a job. This year, she has made the resolution for our family to be to drink skim milk instead of 2%. I get it that it’s healthier, and 1% I can handle. But coming from drinking 2% milk since before my skull fused, skim milk tastes like white water. I also had a scarring experience with it on a trip to Slovenia when I was eight, but that’s another story. When my family got sick after New Years Eve, we (as in everyone except my mother) ended up blaming it on the skim milk, and have refused to drink it ever since.
Some of break was really suckish. For example, the weather, the flu, or working at Discount Drug Mart at 8am New Year’s Day morning. But all in all, it was a great time to relax, read something other than Calculus: Early Transcendentals Single Variable, and make a list of things that I could have done if I was ambitious but didn’t. I enjoyed having some much needed time off, and look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel that is junior year. I hope that you all had a great holiday as well, and now let’s all start the countdown to Spring Break!

Lena Ransohoff
Over the break, I took a break from school work to do work for schools I do not yet attend. By that I mean college applications. Fortunately these were completed in Florida, within 200 feet of the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately I did not step foot once on the pristine beaches of Sanibel Island.
Cleveland welcomed me home with a foot of snow. The next week was spent either asleep or at yoga. My most memorable memory would be New Years Day, when I awoke to the realization that I would indeed be graduated in a matter of months.

Brenna Scully
Over winter break I did a whole bunch of nothing, except on “Family Fun Days”, which I can assure you were not fun in the least. One of these particular “events” – which to my mother’s disgust I equated to water boarding – my aunt decided should be “game day”. When I suggested we play the ‘think of things better than family fun days’, the adults decided I should lead the kid’s table – another oxy-moron as the only “children” at “game day” were all above the age of sixteen and included Mary Alice Koon.
In keeping with the theme of the day, we played Cranium – or as I referred to it that day, Crapium. We paired up girls against boys – you wouldn’t know we went to an all girl’s school or anything. I will admit, that when sugar and caffeine and rage and estrogen are combined I can become a little bit competitive. And I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to Mary Alice for screaming at her after she failed to correctly guess the “humdinger”. I would also like to formally admit that I may have lied about the rules to the other team so that Mary Alice and I would win, but if they really wanted to know the rules they could have searched through the garbage to find the rule book.
Anyways, the first game was an easy win – especially since I decided if we got one question right we should just keep going until Mary Alice and I won. But the boys’ team decided to step it up for the second game and reached the final question – Star Performer – long before we were even in the inner circle – Crapium’s got a lot of jargon. But Mary Alice and I rallied. It all came down to the final round. One guessed “Gangnam Style” while his partner mimed “rodeo” while Mary Alice did an excellent Jim Carrey impression where she just repeated the words “yes” and “man” and we won. I’m not a respectful winner. I might have a chant. I might have hand movements.
That was the end of the game. Mary Alice and her family left, and I proceeded to hide in my bathroom until my family and family-friends left, a strategy I use for almost every family holiday. To be honest, coming back to school wasn’t the worst thing in the world for me.


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