SPOILERS! : Avengers Infinity War Review

Avengers Infinity War is the final war we have all been waiting for that includes all the superheroes we love from the Marvel comics. This movie is an excellent combination of action, adventure,… Continue reading

Comprehensive Airport Reviews- From Fruit Beer to iPad Takeover

By: Alise Adornato Indira Gandhi International Airport:   Food: 6/10 Berco’s Chinese: Grace and Carolyn are still waiting for their complimentary fruit beer. I did not appreciate how easily spillable the fruit beer… Continue reading

A Poem About Cleveland

By: Jala Everett   I ask myself everyday “Why is cleveland so dear to my heart?“ A city where seasons last from 2 weeks to 5 months A city not as big as… Continue reading

5 Ways to Get Rid of A Headache

By: Tara Capers   I have been getting headaches ever since I was in Primary School, and over the past years, I’ve been able to gain some knowledge of how to get rid… Continue reading

The Road to the Dance Concert

by Emma Gerber In my life, I’ve only experienced a few moments that feel like they come straight from the movies. As if you could film it and edit some dramatic music over… Continue reading

The Cold

by Kate Slesh At this current moment on January 17th it is 9 degrees in Cleveland, Ohio. At this same time in Siberia there was an article written about 2 people dying in… Continue reading

Zombie Raccoon in Shaker Heights

by Claire McKenna This past week one of my friends awoke to an alarming sound. Three gunshots went off right outside her window. Panicking, she got up from her bed and crept to the… Continue reading

Tristan and Khloe Scandal

by Kate Slesh   As most people know, Tristan Thompson was caught cheating while still in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian. A video was leaked on April 10th exposing Tristan cheating to the… Continue reading

Biting the Bullet (Journal) Episode 2 – Making my Journal!

by Emma Gerber Bullet Journaling Episode Two – Making my Bullet Journal   Hello everyone! You may or may not have seen my last retrospect article, episode 1 of my bullet journaling saga.… Continue reading

Call Me by Your Name Book vs. Movie

By: Zuha Jaffar While I read Harry Potter at a young age, I would watch the movies after I read each book. As a militant fan, I would take my time to notice… Continue reading