Welcome to Retrospect

Dear readers, Welcome to the 2018-2019 year in Retrospect! We can’t wait to get to know each and every one of our writers and hope that their voices will help you to find… Continue reading

Respect, It’s a Thing

by Eleanor Clements and Camryn Parsons Eleanor: When I was younger, I agreed with most everything my parents thought. As most kids do. My dad loved to express his political opinions but after… Continue reading

A Conversation about Conversation

by Stephanie Kaiser and Yardena Carmi Recently, we sat down and had a conversation about Danez Smith and Hieu Minh Nguyen’s assembly and the community’s response to it. We discussed how our experience… Continue reading

The Case for Open Speech on Campus

by Alison Xin This piece was written for the City Club of Cleveland’s 2018 Hope and Stanley Adelstein Free Speech Essay Contest. The prompt was as follows: “In the past year, college campuses… Continue reading

Free Speech on Campuses

by Grace McCarthy “No Grace shut up you don’t know what you’re saying, you’re lucky you’re a chick. I mean, if I was a girl my parents wouldn’t expect shit from me—like they… Continue reading


by Farah Sayed

In Defense of Being Challenged

by Casey Beiswenger In most politically charged conversations I have had over the past two years, I have often felt the need to explain my political position in order to avoid being lumped… Continue reading

General Discourse in Response to the Assembly

by Anna Doak Before starting this article, I want to establish where it comes from.  I am personally very liberal, so I didn’t have any problems with what Danez Smith said at the… Continue reading

It’s Time to Argue with The Sun

by Jasmine Hanna-Funk On Parks and Recreation, midlevel government employee Leslie Knope gets into an argument with her husband and coworker Ben Wyatt about farmers’ markets at work, and Ben is frustrated not… Continue reading

Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis By: Linda Yu I’m sitting at my table in the living room, which is covered with a mess of different colored sticky notes, mugs filled with writing utensils, and other really… Continue reading

Cleveland Institute of Art Pre-College Program

By: Sophie Carey Over this past summer, I took a course at the Cleveland Institute of Art’s Pre- College Program. The lifestyle was like that of a real college student. We got to… Continue reading