My Views on the Dove Article

by Jala Everett On Facebook there was a Dove commercial released a few weeks ago. This commercial has caused controversy around the video. In the video it features a darker toned skin Nigerian… Continue reading

Writer’s Festival Experience: Paula Mclain

By Ivy Wang In the writer’s festival, I was in Flash Fiction with Paula McLain. In our section we read a story about the list of men a woman had in her life… Continue reading

Hippo Campus & High School

By: Ellie Roberto September 12th, 2015 was the first time I saw Hippocampus live, an upcoming pop indie band from Minnesota. The young group of four began their musical journey senior year of… Continue reading


by Sophie Clark In English, we did an exercise when we had to each pick a word, and in the order they were picked, had to write them into a poem. For my… Continue reading


By: Emma Gerber Sonder And suddenly I saw the stars through my ceiling The streetlamps on my street I saw the cars whirling by The ocean and the forest The universe in my… Continue reading


by Jordan Stacy March 19th of 2013 I walked into the small, cozy kitchen in my grandparent’s house to find my parents seated at the wooden table, here to take my sisters and… Continue reading

The Superb Bird of Paradise

By: Shruthi Ravichandran and Jessica Chang Hi! We’re so glad you’re here again! We know Thanksgiving was a couple weeks ago, but this week we’re doing a lesser known show-off, the SUPERB BIRD… Continue reading

Fire Ice Utopia

by Erica Kahn In a world where fire and ice coexist Is where you’ll find me The sun is beaming and slowly bleaching All the brightly painted buildings that have moldings Framing their… Continue reading

Poetry By Ava A.

by Ava Alaeddini 1962 (A poem based on when my grandparents met) 1962 was the year I met you Wearing the pearl necklace my mother gave me when I was ten He cut… Continue reading

TBT Thanksgiving

By: Kate Slesh Thanksgiving is slowly upon us, with the joy of being with your family and the food included everyone is so excited. I have heard of so many traditions that families… Continue reading