Fun At-Home Equipment-Free Workouts Online

By: Brice Bai People have so many excuses for not working out—they don’t have the time, they can’t afford the fancy equipment, they don’t have access to a gym, etc. You may think… Continue reading

Art in Cleveland

By: Raea Palmieri Celebrating their centennial, the Cleveland Museum of Art has many new and exciting exhibits for the 2016/17 year. Currently, the museum is exhibiting a wide range of art, including the Art… Continue reading

The UN in Recent News

By: Jennifer Wang Seen by some as a legitimate platform of global cooperation and by others as a high profile but inherently powerless organization, the United Nations plays a unique role in international… Continue reading

iOS 10: Pros and Cons

By: Sophia Hanna On September 13th Apple released the new iOS 10 software update. This release sparked a huge debate about the merits of the update. I’ve compiled a list of what I… Continue reading

Fall Playlist

By: Ellie Roberto A playlist to transition you from the depressing end of summer to the beginning of fall. Grab a warm cup of peppermint tea and a thick blanket. Be prepared to… Continue reading

Presidential Debate Bingo

By: Gina Egan

Tueri: Part One (Short Story)

By: Tejal Pendekanti Time: 3:50 p.m. Date: November 18, 2074 Name: Fera Pertinax Age: 18 “We don’t want to be stalked! We want freedom!” I chanted among my fellow rebels, indignance written all over… Continue reading

Clown Safety

By: Ainsley Bradbury If you haven’t already been informed, clowns have been taking over the nation. Many of these clowns have been present in Ohio. If you encounter a clown, please follow these… Continue reading

HB Teachers Teach Other Subjects

By: Jasper Solt

Sports Update – Fall Senior Nights

By: Amy Howarth As the seniors of Hathaway Brown are preparing to go to college, they are making their last few memories of high school through involvement in different sports. To honor and… Continue reading