Which College Should You Attend?

By: Katie Doherty Click this link to find out where you belong after HB! https://www.playbuzz.com/katekp11/which-college-should-you-attend  

Why should you go on a hike?

By: Linda Yu What do you do with an excess of homework and an utter lack of motivation? Procrastinate, of course! But, as adults love to remind us, with procrastination comes stress. So… Continue reading

TAAL in 2D

By: Linda Yu  

Closing the Achievement Gap: Education and Arts Education in Cleveland

by Brett Parsons and Archer Frodyma   “I’m not sure what’s changed, but challenging things continue to exist. Sadly, Cleveland is a violent community. There is a lot of crime. Kids hear gunshots… Continue reading

Healthcare in the US: Part Five

by: Maggie Amjad This is the final post for my Service Learning Capstone project on Healthcare in the US. Throughout the Spring, I have explored Healthcare in the US. This fina installment will… Continue reading

Spring Watercolor

by Angela Yu

The Underrated Shows of Netflix

by Tyler Sobolewski As the slew of long weekends and spring break is behind us, and the promise of weeks on end with no breaks approaches, many are starting to burn out. You… Continue reading

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Muppets

by Yardena Carmi Sam the Eagle is divorced. He has two kids but is not close to them. Fozzie Bear and Kermit the Frog are identical twins. Or best friends and neighbors. The… Continue reading

Bway in CLE 2018-2019 Season

by Hannah Schmidt On February 27, inside the Connor Palace Theatre in downtown Cleveland, the seven musicals that will be performed in Cleveland from October 2018 to July 2019 were announced. As Playhouse… Continue reading

Junior Year

by Sydney Deegan It feels like yesterday we were attending our first day of school as freshmen bringing our backpacks into lunch and having absolutely no clue what we were doing. We would… Continue reading